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The multi-talented, impressive designer Matt James is encouraging people to “draw their mind” for an art project he’s doing with student Phillipa Pell.

I’m inspired to share it far and wide – it’s quick, easy and fun.

So, your turn! Quick! Save this picture or do a screenprint and make your own artwork. DRAW your MIND! Enjoy!

Draw your mind template - matt james


Here’s Matt’s inspiring note…

“Afternoon guys,

Happy Thursday – hope you are all well? 
I am looking for some help with an exhibition I am involved in and would love it if you could get involved!
The exhibition, organised by The Design Kids is called Fourplay. In a nutshell a designer (me) and student (in my case a very talented young designer called Phillipa Pell) are teaming up to create an artwork that will be completed by a third person. The exhibition will be travelling around Oz and at each venue a gallery visitor will be asked to complete each work. In addition, the artwork is to be based on a four-letter word – we have chosen the word MIND. 
( More info on the project here: )
For our artwork we thought we would extend the reach of the project beyond the gallery space and build a collection of responses via social media. I would really love it if you would contribute….so here is the brief:

Download the attached A4 artwork and print out, this will form the basis for your response. In the space provided we would like you to draw what is on your mind using any material you like. 


You can draw anything, it can be deeply personal or trivial and mundane. Funny or serious. Literal or abstract. Spontaneous or laboured over with love.Whatever it is, take the opportunity to really express yourself, let go and enjoy the freedom of making human marks (just like the good old days).Here is the important bit: Once you have finished we would really appreciate it you could take a picture of it and share it on Instagram and/or Twitter using the hashtag #fourplaymind. Bear in mind, whatever you draw needs to be visible in the small frame of an Instagram post – be bold!!!

That’s it! We would love to get lots of different responses so please feel free to share among your networks 🙂

Thank you!

Here’s mine…
Draw your mind - Sam Bell