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“I should meditate!” – me in the past
“I want to meditate” – me now. Each morning: 20 minutes, since the start of this year.

What’s changed? 

I’m seeing the benefit: decisions come easily – my intuition is stronger, what I need to do for the day is clear, the majority of the time I ‘feel in flow’ in life, I’m more relaxed about what happens/comes to me. 

Receiving so much information every day, this is an important way for me to gain balance and focus.

How can you do it? 

Meditating each day sounds can sound like hard work or impossible/unreachable. The shift for me occured by gaining an attitude of “wanting” to do it, taking the time to do it each day, then seeing the benefits – reaching a state where I gained a lot. You can do this too!

What’s it like? etc..

My meditation is simple: 

I set my iPhone timer to 20 minutes. (When starting, you may want to chose 15 mins – or allow yourself to finish when you wish.)

I sit comfortably (usually cross legged with my hands on my knees, palms facing upwards) in comfortable clothes or a blanket on me so that I’m warm as my temperature lowers. 

I close my eyes and allow thoughts to come and go while focusing on having nothing in my mind. Thoughts come: I don’t need to finish them or follow the words/thoughts to a conclusion. I trust that anything that comes to me during this time will come back again if needed. 

At the close of 20 minutes, I enjoy the feeling of opening my eyes and what I see, and wriggling your fingers, toes and body. 

You can do it too.


Recently the sensation I’ve had from meditating is of a sunny warm brilliance coming from my middle: the uniqueness of me and the beauty of my soul. It gives me calm, happiness and peace. It empowers me through the day and reminds me I have all I need.

Optional extras for you!

1. Another way of meditating is while closing your eyes, imagine the blackness/color you see push out further – like your personal boundaries are broadening. Play with the feeling / image / sense of how this feels. And possibly, your boundaries in life will expand!

2. I’ve also found great benefit from doing an additional 10 minute meditation to clarify my actions for the day. It’s the same as the meditation mentioned above and me asking myself “What do I need to do today?”. Tips for you:
* be open to what’s coming to you: let priorities and other thoughts of importance come. 
* (You may want to have a notepad by your side ready for your thoughts after 10 minutes – or before as relevant to you and your day).

Good luck! Let me know how you go by adding a comment. It may be easier than you think.

Happy days to you

* Jan Stewart (twitter name: @janstewart) for her support, encouragement and guidance on meditating. Jan’s being is of radiating peace and calm. In November 2009, we talked of her meditation being something she seeks to do each day, that she gains so much, it becomes an obvious to do each day!
* Helen Gracie (twitter name: @helengracie) for her inspiration – upon hearing her talk of her daily meditation practice, it was what I needed to commence my daily practice. 
* Kimberley Pegg (twitter name: @kimbapegg) for sharing the experience. 
Love to you all. 

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