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Welcome! As you’re creating an impressive event, an experience, something others may deem impossible, let’s focus on YOU and what YOU need to succeed. Take a moment to plan for your best experience too.

Here are my top tips from directing two Do Lectures experiences in Australia in 2014 and 2015, attending Do in Wales in 2011, volunteering in 2012 and 2013, as well as directing various experiences over the past few decades ~

1. Be Ruthless In What You Do.

People can’t always see the breadth of your activities so it’s up to you to create your flow. Work out which activities will aid your flow. Allocate a big chunk of your time to activities you’re drawn to (e.g. I was drawn to Sales/Funding/Partnerships and Creative Direction).

Find budget so that you can get assistants to tie off things you can’t finish – now, leading into the event, and after the event.

Be ruthless in doing what you can only do.

2. Delegate.

I received great advice as a project manager early in my career:

“the person holding the vision has a big enough job – try to delegate all of their other responsibilities to someone else”

This sounded a bit whacko at the time though I’ve since observed this to be true always.

Wherever possible, if you’re the person holding the overall vision of the event, delegate as much as you can and then spend the freed-up-time educating others on the vision and values and supporting them in their challenges and in their activities.

3. Have Fun.

If you don’t have time to join in with doing the fun stuff (e.g. we baked Anzac cookies for potential partners and created hand-painted signs) then change things up. Remember to fill your cup with the fun activities too. If you can’t do these ideas, you may not have enough funding and/or enough people on your team.


4. Keep Your Cool.

Get your support network established early. If you’re overwhelmed / stressed out / shocked, call on your support network and mentors. Help yourself so you can help your team.

That leads to the next point –

5. Flow.

Meditate. Twice a day for 20 minutes worked so well for me. Whether it’s sitting meditation or running or something else, make sure you DO it. (Jan thankyou.) Keep in flow, keep developing it.

6. Fill Your Pockets.

At the event, if you’re the Host and overall Director, you may be enjoying many conversations so keep drinking water and pack snack bars in your pocket throughout so you’re covered if you don’t get a chance to grab a drink or food.

Thank You and Well Done!

The DO lectures crew are here cheering you on.

Already we’re applauding all you’ve done in creating an event that’ll create amazing ripple effects.


Get in touch for further support.

~ Sam

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