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Great site about companies and people who collaborate with their customers to create great products.
Enjoy reading this blog by Jennifer Rice:”…Lego’s Lego Factory, where kids design new Lego models using a Digital Designer and submit them to competitions. This is a primary source of ideas for new Lego products. In each of these cases, no one made assumptions about what customers wanted. Customers were brought directly into the process. In shallower levels of co-creation, customers aren’t directly involved in designing products… but companies still seek to understand customers’ mindsets, desires and unmet needs…”

“…Companies who view customers as “slimy masses” can never be successful in the long run; it is those customers who make corporate existence possible. Customers smell arrogance like a dog smells fear. Microsoft is a great example of a company who became incredibly successful based on following their own vision… which ultimately resulted in customer resentment….”

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Or “take a look at the “Customer Made” posting at for literally dozens of examples of customer-co-creation in action.”