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Over 10 years ago I was a KPMG business consultant voraciously reading “Fast Company” magazine articles focused on Care in Business.

Fast Company featured companies caring about their customers, employees and innovation; doing stuff differently and winning; working in a way that uniquely fitted their organisation and fitted the individuals in their organisation. Yay.

Care in Business came back in vogue this year.

That is: businesses delivering great service and products. Happy customers. Happy, engaged, involved, responsible, empowered employees. It’s cool to Care in Business.

Organisations now getting great publicity for this include ZapposGoogle, and Gary Vee.

Zappos don’t time-limit their call centre staff. CEO Tony Tsieh proudly talks of the longest customer call being 8+ hours and promotes knowing his customers. Zappos promotes every employees’ uniqueness – supported by one of their values “Create Fun and A Little Weirdness”.

Key elements of business are:

Respect other people +
Deliver great stuff +
Care about delivering greatness to customers +
Create systems that work well

Much points to the Care in Business trend becoming reality – two examples are the ‘war for talent‘ (less numbers of talented people available for jobs with an ageing western population) and the rise of social media (people increasingly voicing their opinions on products, services, companies and being heard).

I have a deep belief and knowing that the more that I care for my customer and deliver an awesome service or product (or both) to them, the more I ‘win’. There is this juicy fabulousness that happens – focusing on delivering a great service then leads to thinking more about who I’m delivering it to (and what they need), getting a buzz from great feedback, being inspired to continue caring and a “what else could we do?” attitude which supports innovative thinking.

Fake care isn’t the same. You can sense it.

Care in Business organisations I’ve recently experienced include:
* Hotel Avante – in true Silicon Valley style, they have games in the drawer (see photo)
Virgin Australia – great customer service beforehand then onboard – help yourself to water + experience a light, happy atmosphere throughout a long flight

* Maxis – telecommunications provider in Kuala Lumpur who SMS’d me on arrival with the local exchange rate and embassy phone number (see photo)
Icebreaker – for their friendly, authentic, fun, interested, easy style which comes through in their emails, social media and adverts (see picture advertising their Melbourne Family and Friends sale in Melbourne)
GaryVee – for his confronting and inspirational speeches (including sxsw 2010 which rocked, literally) saying if you don’t care about what you do and your customer then get out of what you’re doing
Optus – gets a mention for their customer service via Twitter (unfortunately not for their connectivity and other product/service elements)
* Using Twitter for my electricity provider and other suppliers has been a refreshing change to years of poor call centre customer service

The internet, internet-enabled phones, high speed broadband and sites such as Twitter afford us accessibility and economy in caring for customers.

Huge bonuses are available through people’s wisdom being listened to and ‘tapped’, through people inspiring each other, and challenging each other with new, workable and innovative ideas.

Tips for you and your organisation:

1. Know that the people you work with untapped wisdom. Check that the people you employ to be amazing can be so.

Are there other ways you can set things so that you can have your people make your company great?

2. Are people in your organisation believing+trusting other people they work with?

3. Ask. Listen. Allow. Do.

4. Believe the stuff that you deeply know: that delivering awesomeness and care to your customers rocks.

The more you care, the more you win and the more others around you do. A great product and service includes a positive impact on the others.

Not doing this in your organisation? Come on! ~Innovate~!!!

Get people together.

Work out how to increase your Care in Business.


Created on my Macbook at Kuala Lumpur airport in November 2010 and at Melbourne airport January, 2011.

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care in business
care in business
care in business