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Roses Samantha Bell flowers

I’m a blubberer at funerals. Yep. Weepy McSchmeeky. I try to slow the water works and sometimes it works. Today there were trees and a lovely garden to see out the window of the chapel so looking into them helped.

It’s not really the point though.

I wanted to write to encourage you to go to funerals of your friend’s relatives. I’ve many close and dear friends and have been to their grandparents’ funerals (and a couple of of other relatives) and friends are so appreciative. (Whether I turn on the waterworks or not, it’s that you’re there that helps.)

Friendship is the combination of many shared experiences and a ‘knowing’ of another person over time. Funerals, celebrations, births, high times, hard times: they’re all part of getting to know someone deeply.

The bonus of a funeral (yes, I did write that..) is that you hear about the people in your friend’s life who have helped form them. Today I heard of another nickname of my friend, stories of an exceptional matriarch, was inspired, learnt more of what my friend felt for her “Nan”, saw my friend’s relatives and how close they are, and reflected on my life. Probably more went on subconsciously.

Next time a friend has someone pass away, spend time with them, send text messages checking in, go to the funeral. You know goodness comes from these gestures.

Happy week to you,