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Shifting media consumption – to consumption of various media at the same time – 45% of internet users consume more than 2 media channels at a time – TV and Internet at the top. Web site visits during Ten’s Masterchef tripled during the show – show’s the multi-tasking of media consumption.


How to get content across all the channels that are relevant to customers. Focus on customers and adapt the technology.

Awesome video shown from OneLove about their work and social media. Key tips: Post-event publicity important, user-generated content is key – elicit responses via providing value. Key point – users like to have FUN. 

Got to give initiatives at least 3 months to see results. Behaviour change / involvement takes time.

“Social Media” is such a terrible term. It’s more like “media”. 

From the tweet stream:
“TV is a gateway drug to the hardcore searching online”
“Phone brands used by 18-29 year olds – iPhone market share just over 10% compared to Nokia with approx 45% & Sony 15%”


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