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From the Moderator: Robert Wong – CEO, Catalogue Central/Stylehunter
14 mil people in Australia online – more time online than watching TV – 57% of Australians research online before buying (not for every product). 3-4% of retail sales are online in Australia
That would fill the Melbourne Football Ground (MCG) 140 times!


From Kate Elton – Online and Event Manager, Sportsgirl & Peter Nobel – CEO, Citrus

Constantly looking for ways to engage our ‘girls’ / community who uses the site.

We’re handing over part of what our website looks like to our community – asking our girls to create their own backdrop. Winners backdrop will be on our email, on our site for a week – giving them a sense of ownership on our space.

Don’t make your customer work too hard for what they’re after – reading, blogging content, shopping

Shortly launching mobile platform

As a retailer, you need a digital media plan and also be flexible with it.

Stephen Smorgon – Head of Digital, Perfumania
Website was built over 10 years ago on a shoestring budget approx $10k. We use hotshed back end (which dstore uses too). New website coming shortly.
Online sales have been reducing over time.
Very competitive perfume industry.


In this session I wondered about the “Social Good” element? The focus was on consuming,  getting people to online sites and the success of this with respect to sales.What about where the products come from, get recycled, how we’re informing people about their impact on our planet? I’d love to see Sportsgirl and other retailers bring a lot more of the sustainability / social good work into their social media work.

Subsequent note – an hour or so later: I had a  great chat with Kate Elton of Sportsgirl and heard of great initiatives they are conducting at Sportsgirl. She helped me to be reminded that it’s about starting – that recycling at the office, recycling clothing events, promoting fair trade products at Xmas and other initiatives are a start. More to come. I love the idea of growing great initiatives – using the success of initiatives to drive awareness and to lead to inidivuals in organsisations looking for ways to embed sustainability into their (great) business models sustainability.

I hope you enjoyed these notes – let me know what came up for you in reading – leave a comment!

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10.10am – 11.25am: “New Retail Role Models for the Online Consumer

There is now a mass of over 14,000 million people online in Australia every month. Many spend more time online than watching TV. As a result there is a new type of Australian shopper evolving where online searching, browsing, buying, commenting , reviewing  and socialising with brands and products forms a significant part of the consumer’s buying process. Progressive retailers in Australia are finding economic models to engage with consumers online across the whole buying cycle. In this session we explore some of the success stories with three Australian retailers  who are regearing their businesses towards online and becoming online retail role models.
Robert Wong – CEO, Catalogue Central/Stylehunter
Kate Elton – Online and Event Manager, Sportsgirl
Peter Nobel – CEO, Citrus
Stephen Smorgon – Head of Digital, Perfumania