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I hope you enjoyed my last post about Care in business. This past week I’ve experienced poor service and a poor-value-for-money product.

I’m excited that 2011 is bringing about change. At this moment in time, you have the power to be in contact with companies and have a voice in letting others know of great and poor products. You can move your money to purchase from great companies and tweet/blog/talk about it (and perhaps even encourage companies to have “Forever Guarantees” – nice one @evbogue). 

It’s also interesting at this time to see the weird situation we’ve created in society – that when I buy a poor-value-for-money product, in a way, I am working for the company I bought from. I am spending my time on their processes – in returning the product or going to the store to buy another one. 

I’ve gone into action on this (cue: strong music). I recently purchased a Samsonite roller-backpack and the front zip broke in the first week (during a time of busy International travel). I’ve since spent 2 hours on Samsonite processes. Now it’s time for them to work on it – you can see my comments to them in the photo of my email. I’ll see what comes!


And here’s a message to Apple – please stop producing these iPhone cords (see picture) which need to be replaced regularly. Your customers and you know they are poor quality and in essence you’re having people purchase them more often than they need to. 


To Samsonite – please contact me. I’ve tried.

How can you – as an individual – balance the scales and encourage great service, products and care?

Good luck!