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I learnt a lot about great friendship this year.

I learnt how enjoyable it is and how simple it is.

I learnt a heap about unconditional love.

I learnt how beautiful it is when care and love comes, like a warm blanket the instant you’re cold.

Being friends with someone for years gives a stronger sense of knowing of another.

Being there for the great times and the challenging ones gives me a chance to listen – has me realise that often, listening is what makes a difference.

And how a new friend can feel as close as someone I’ve been close to for years.

And how time doesn’t matter; sharing deeply does.

Sharing knowing looks at each other. 

Sharing time in supporting each other.

Knowing that you’re there and they’re there.

Knowing who the people are that you ‘click’ with and who delights your soul.

Dear friends having children and growing friendships with them – an extension of our friendship. Beautiful, unexpected, fun, silly, crazy, wild, exhausting (!!) and priceless times.

It is sweet. My dear friends are amazing, inspiring, loving, warm, caring, interesting, nurturing, fascinating, insightful, courageous, charming, thoughtful, wise and more.

It is a delight to be around them.

Thankyou to everyone I spent time with in 2011!