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There is now a global economy.

“What does that mean?”

You and your friends and work colleagues are finding more instances to buy clothes / technology / gifts online at the price that works for you.

You find what you like and even what you love. Products that blow you away with happiness because they’re so well designed.


Like my Tom Bihn backpack.

Like people say of Hiut Denim jeans*.


The same is happening now for things that people do.

When it comes to having something done for you, you find the best person for the job. To clean your windows, to teach your child, to wash your car, to cook your meal, turn your receipts into numbers on a screen. If such tasks don’t need to be done face to face, they can be done anywhere by someone who’s good at it.

Perhaps in time you’ll have someone to do your personal administration so that you can have more time to do what you’re clever at. Or to work smarter with the time you have for work.

Mount Hotham view from Danny's Lookout taken by Samantha Bell

The global economy is why you feel more pressure to do what you’re good at or passionate about or to define your uniqueness. If things don’t feel totally comfortable and ease-ful, if you find yourself wondering, then there’s something to be tweaked, something else to do or something different to be done. If you’re reading this and you’ve been made redundant, it’s because you’ve something better to do (it’s always positive – if you can’t see it yet, you will when you look back in time).

Defining your niche is probably an ongoing process for every individual which is why I’ve been a big advocate of social media. Writing your website words or a blog post or tweets shows you what you care to write about and share. It gives you insight to more dimension of your interests and shows your multi-dimensionality. How cool that is!

Every person I’ve worked with has their own perspective, skills and experience. No one else has it. That’s what they can share.

I see so many consultants in the work I do and I would love to see them on Twitter or with their own blog. They’re clever (like you) and I’d love to see them connect with those around the world who can learn from them.

I’d love you to be clear on your niche and to share what rocks your world. Bring it on! If you want coaching, get in touch (use the form on the right). The last person I coached was flying high after 2 sessions (one session for an hour, the other half an hour a fortnight later). She is amazing. Like you.


* Re: Hiut Denim jeans: I wouldn’t know, there’s no women’s range. (Another *hint* *hint* to the Hiut Denim family!)

Global Economy Disclaimer: By the way, if you love a local cinema or bookstore or butchers etc etc, spend your money there. They’re doing a great job and you want them around into the future. Even if they’re more expensive. It’s worth it if you love it.