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Samantha Bell Slowcoast Nick Hand

Two dear people I caught up with in the UK last year are Harriet and Nick Hand.

Nick presented his beautiful soundslides at Do Lectures in 2011 and after his presentation I gained an insight to his open generosity as he offered me tips on what camera to buy, audio recorder etc. Last year I attended his Do Workshop on creating soundslides (fabulous).

Their Conversation on the Coast book is great. It’s lovely to hold, the pages feel beautiful to turn, the stories fascinating and the people depicted entrancing.

Harriet and Nick and their Slow Coast site are the next to be featured on the “Great Business” sidebar (to your right) here on because it’s a small step towards me being able to recognise how special they are and how touched I am by the soundslides and the work they do.

If you know of other great businesses and people around Hakuba (Japan), Melbourne, Brisbane, North East Victoria, Wales or London that you’d like me to visit and even promote, let me know. (Why those places? These are the locations I know I’ll be in during the first half of 2013.)

~ Sam

(Nick and H – apologies for butchering your beautiful website header – send me a square version if you wish.)