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previous clients’ challenges:

  • Founder looking to sell their business, seeking plan, contacts & tips.
  • Small business owner with a big vision, wanting to work out how to get there.
  • Exhausted social entrepreneur wanting to increase sales, grow their business, to setup role clarity for individuals and increase productivity.
  • Professionals new to consulting: consultant /  manager / director / partner.
  • Executive running a division in an unfamiliar subject area.
  • Leader wanting to know about cryptocurrency and blockchain.
  • CEO seeking the best digital tools for growing organisation.
  • Women’s health specialist wanting her manuscript edited and distributed.
  • Consulting partner needing to understand digital and relevant trends.
  • Leadership coach dealing with grief while continuing to perform.
  • Industrial designer wishing to grow his online profile and audience.
  • Social media director seeking a corporate, digital leadership program.
  • Newly-sole-parent running her own business and needing new systems.
  • Online growth expert transitioning from business owner to corporate role.
  • CEO of a newly formed Not For Profit looking to raise capital.
  • SaaS COO wanting to ‘level up’.
  • University graduate designing their online profile and career aspirations.
  • Healer wanting to work out what to do next: scale / where / what.

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"I couldn't think of anyone with a greater motivational presence than Sam Bell. Her passion for people, ideas and action is an inspiration - she dreams the possibilities, maps out the steps to make them happen, and lives the reality."

Genevieve Callaghan

"You know business!"

Paula Shaw

"Sam has that uncanny mix of serious business acumen, intense creativity and expert practical knowledge of the digital world. She is approachable, strategic and has a clever systems thinking approach to performance.”

Claire Spencer

"Sam is both a champion for everyone she works with and a coach that helps you develop and refine your aspirations as well as your professional and personal profile in this evolving and often noisy digital sphere. "

Emma Jewell

"Thank you Sam for helping me find the courage to stand up and change gears - both my own gears and the gears of our business. You've been of tremendous value to us, like a secret agent that comes into an organisation, figures out what's wrong, pinpoints the change maker and pushes them off the cliff so they have no choice but to fly - what a great and unexpected skill!

Nick Jaffe

"Sam was like an angel that came down from the heavens, got me organised and helped me elevate to the next level. She is everything agile and digital. She pushes you to think differently, become more efficient and use technology better. I would highly recommend Sam to any executive looking for a person to take them to the next level, help the company grow and expand with a technology mindset and essentially build a first class culture. She is one of the best! "

Lincoln Trainor

"Sam has so much energy and a great deal of insight into the world of Digital Marketing. No wait - make that Digital Everything. She's helped me to hone my thinking and introduced me to great ideas and great people. She's an absolute pleasure to work with. "

Tom Hay

"Sam has now supported Franklyn Scholar on several internal projects. Sam’s unique ability to galvanise our group and get total buy-in to projects she leads has been outstanding. Sam was given a tight deadline to assist management in structuring a program to communicate key imperatives to our people recently at our National Conference, the outcome achieved exceeded all expectations and was quantified by 98% of attendees understanding our company direction post the conference. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Sam and will utilise her services in the future."

Ryan Trainor

"I would highly recommend Sam to any business big or small who needs advice or help in using the internet and social media to drive their business forward!"

Karlie Cummins

"Here’s the deal. I thought I was pretty good at Social Media. Then Sam Bell came over for a month to help The Do Lectures, and I quickly learnt that I knew next to nothing. I was doing it. But I wasn’t thinking. I had no clear strategy. And, when I had great results, it was mostly down to luck. But what Sam has taught me has been invaluable, important and will help us for years to come. That is what it felt when Sam started explaining how to be strategic about social media, how to think up a plan for growth, and how to execute on that plan. I was blown away. I had been working hard at it for years. But I had been working dumb on it for years. Then Boom, Sam explains her insights."

David Hieatt

"Sam is a maestro of social media. She is tremendously knowledgeable, generous with fabulous insights and such a pleasure to work with."

Julie Steel

"Sam helped me plan when to use each Twitter account, who to follow, how to tweet and the result is amazing. 5 months later I still love Twitter. I've met some cool peeps... Tweeting is fun. Sam has a practical approach that made so much sense. Real. Authentic. Straightforward. Relevant."

Jen Sheahan

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