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There’s so much tranquility and peacefulness along the shores of Tassie and its islands and around Summertime the stone fruit is superb. All the time the baked goods are up there with the best in the world!
Here are tips for Hobart and surrounds – the food, accommodation and other sights to enjoy…
By the way do pack warmer clothes. To me Tassie always seems 5-10 degrees colder than Melbourne.
Distances / timing – add a bit more time to google maps approximate times as sometimes the roads can be a bit bumpy and then there’s the sheep 🙂
Yambu is a South American cafe that is delicious (menu).
Delicious-hard-to-choose bakery treats at pigeon whole bakers (and Market Lane coffee). It’s moreso a stand up / take out place with a few of stools if you want to eat-in.
Huon, Cygnet, Geeveston and surrounds = all the delicious baked goods and stone fruit and amazing food
There are AMAZING bakeries around here. Go to all these places.
Must do: see if there’s berries, peaches or stone fruit here still (the peaches were amazing!)
This bakery was outstanding in December 2017 and 2 years prior this one was too.
Geeveston food – Masaaki’s sushi is delicious and superb owing to its thoughtful presentation of whatever’s been caught. Order takeaway a week or two in advance ($20 per person for lunch) then head to little roaring beach (20 mins drive) and sit on the beach and eat it. DIVINE location! Here’s the fancier $25 takeaway.
Bruny day trip
I love Bruny – pack a lunch​/pickup bakery treats​  then get the ferry in the morning and drive south, pickup drive-through oysters (actually I’ve never driven-through though have stopped to share them with friends each time) and go south to the lighthouse (maybe an hour or 90 mins drive​ – can’t recall) – great lookout & walks – then come back up via the “neck” (thin bit of land that connects north and south Bruny) and pop into the dairy for ​cheese ​tasting and a coffee.
Hobart ​Weekend
Farmgate market in Hobart​ was small and wonderful when I went there a few years ago. Growers and farmers behind the counters and DELICIOUS food.
​Salamanca market for the kids + fat pig farm have a stall there and other great growers.
For more tips and great places Broadsheet often does weekend away kinda things in Tassie – here are some links.
Focus on the baked delights, take a scarf for the wild and woolly beach walks, enjoy the quieter pace and beautiful scenery…
~ Sam