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Big Vision Motivation

Challenging the status quo? Here are tips from like-minded visionaries:

1. Share the audacity and determination to innovate with:

~ Elon Musk

~ René Redzepi and the NOMA team

~ the chef in ‘Burnt’

~ Raf Simons & ateliers ~

2. Do trust in the things you love.

3. Be extraordinary (Elon is):

4. Be inspired by others.

5. If you’re entrepreneurial, help your partner.

6. See the delight and beauty of following your dreams.

7. Do things your way.

8. Get moving. Now is all we have.

9. Build supports around you, a mentor or a few.

10. Promote beauty, wisdom, compassion, grace, freedom & fun.

11. Be encouraged by others.

12. These quotes may be useful …on a difficult day.

13. Create beauty in what you do.

14. Believe in others. “Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of…”

15. Relax.

16. Respect your plumber.

17. Inspire others.

18. remember.

19. Share your wisdom to encourage others.

20. Do interesting things.

21. Grow optimism.

22. Care for every person in your team.

23. Believe life events are positive.

24. Make it happen. (If you’re running an event, this may help.)

Cheering you on,


I was inspired to update this on 5 December, 2017.