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Creating Together.


I get a quick sense of opportunities for people then create motivating and realistic plans, design engaging communications and make introductions to relevant people.

These pathways to achieving dreams allow people to start to see what’s possible, to dream bigger, feel supported and become even more motivated. 

I want to hear what you’re yearning to achieve.

What’s missing?

Sessions are enjoyable conversations where you gain more energy, focus, support and peace. A greater, quicker connection to your inner knowing.

I listen, intuit, ask questions around what’s working and what could work, think of people to introduce you to and constantly sense how to support your success.

It’s time to imagine…

Sam’s Experience.


I’m an experienced Business Consultant, Project Manager, Coach and Business Founder. Skilled in developing partnerships, strengthening concepts, creating investment proposals, planning & strategy, business growth, digital strategy & tools, project and change management (agile & lean), coaching, integrated marketing, lead generation systems, operational processes, leadership development and designing peak experiences.

I hold a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering and Computing – focused on system design, process efficiency & effectiveness.

Samantha Bell Digital Style digital business keynote melbourne

People Coached

Companies advised


business plans

Working Together.


What you’ll read below is my professional experience which is full of great challenge and growth. The highs and lows of life.

I’ve also been driven to create space for lots of skiing, surfing, traveling, meditating, exercise, great food and plenty of time creating deep friendships with family and friends. That’s what’s important to me.

People gain so much from being listened to and sharing where they’re at. It creates the new.

What’s Important to you?

Here’s my story, for you to sense if we can work well together.

Starting out: Systems Engineering, Project Management & Executive Coaching

My first project role was in 1994, where I used the great foundations in designing clever systems from studying a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering & Computing.

I had the great fortune of going straight into supporting high profile projects in the finance and telecommunications industries and provided insights beyond my years – which led to opportunities.

I was promoted to Project Management roles at Commonwealth Bank and Telstra and then started at KPMG as a manager of consulting projects. The projects were business design, business plans, process improvements, new IT systems and creating new products or businesses.

At the same time as working with medium to large organisations I volunteered at small not-for-profits and social impact organisations and coached friends and colleagues as they started-up and grew their businesses.

I wrote many business plans and, without design, the network of people I could call on was growing.

Samantha Bell Digital Style digital business keynote melbourne

It was delightful to gain feedback from a KPMG colleague who said he’d seen me mould a half-baked idea into a fully formed, commercially viable business. Years later Westpac Private Bank similarly commented on our business plan being one of the best they’d seen!

Samantha Bell Digital Style digital business keynote melbourne
Samantha Bell Digital Style digital business keynote melbourne

Consulting, Change Management & Deep Work

After KPMG and a trip around Australia, I started at Sensis as an internal consultant in their product accelerator area then was promoted to running an IT area. 

Noticed as clever at stakeholder management (engaging people), I was headhunted into change management at a boutique consulting firm.

As a change consultant I was able to influence business strategy and coach senior executives on large transformation programs. Oftentimes what felt like simple insights and ideas had a profound impact. That’s great fun! …as was flying internationally and locally, consulting to finance and energy organisations. Pepper crabs in Singapore!

We were doing so well in this business that it was bought by Deloitte. Over time my workload significantly (and unrealistically) increased. I recall rising very early one morning for the first flight to Sydney, doing a full workday, a 3 hour flight to Perth, setting up for a senior leaders’ workshop until 3am Perth time, then starting again a few hours later.

Needless to say, in 2006 I had my first, deep burn-out experience: the trifecta of breaking up with my partner, leaving our home and feeling unfulfilled at work.

“Uh oh!”

Discovering the Need for Digital Business, Founding “Runway Digital”

I donned the backpack and boarded the Trans Siberian Railway, traveling for 3 months across Thailand, China, Mongolia, Russia, Greece, and the UK and discovered blogging and social media.

This led to the creation of my digital business consultancy “Runway Digital”. The name reflecting my desire to see people supported to soar in business, aided by digital.

My consultancy afforded me periods of intense work balanced with a lot of yoga, play, travel and an average of 30 days snow-skiing a year (sometimes 50!). It also gave me space to dive into spirituality and included a year of 20 minutes meditation at the start and end of the day, tweeting #deepdive each time. A great experience.

In time people went from being disinterested in social media to very interested and for the 15 years since, I’ve coached professionals across the world, facilitated social media training, and worked with organisations of all sizes to setup their digital systems and strategies.

Samantha Bell Digital Style digital business keynote melbourne
Samantha Bell Digital Style digital business keynote melbourne
Samantha Bell Digital Style digital business keynote melbourne

Becoming an Author: The LinkedIn Style Book

From seeing what worked for people, I designed and wrote online books and programs: “Digital Style Program”, “Digital Style System” and “LinkedIn Style” books, and a free “Digital Style Mini Course”.

I was constantly exposed to new ideas and tech – which included fascinating blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in 2013.

We were constantly experimenting and I wrote a fortnightly newsletter sharing trends and tips. I really enjoyed receiving readers’ comments on what they found useful.

Directing Runway Digital for over a decade has included challenges and great successes. It hasn’t always been a smooth flight though I’m ever so grateful to have gained insights to pass on to others.

Founding the Do Lectures Australia, Seeing over 250 People Quickly Expand their Personal Visions

In my working life I’ve taken time out to travel and go to conferences. In 2011 I attended the incredible DO lectures in Wales and in time co-founded the DO lectures Australia: a 3-day dinner party, at a remote site, for 120 entrepreneurs and business leaders to be inspired, recharge and connect with like-minded visionaries.

The two events in 2014 and 2015 were incredibly successful and taught me the magic of:

  • acting on momentary inspiration,
  • big asks when inspired and honest,
  • how wholeheartedly believing in the impossible inspires others,
  • quickly scale an organisation
  • establishing valued partnerships with clever brands,
  • designing a mind-blowing, world-class event,
  • doing an audacious, intense projects creates life-long friendships,
  • right recruitment and quick communication when team members don’t fit,
  • educating team members on essential brand qualities such as delight, quality, respect and deep care; and
  • personal development through doing and taking on big challenges (being responsible for two organisations).

It was an absolute treat each year to see a large group of individuals be inspired to upgrade their personal visions and highly motivated to make them happen.

Now it’s your Turn.

I’d love to hear what you want to create in life.

I coach to hear and encourage truth. I want to hear what’s important to you. To encourage your heart. Work smarter. Tap your inner knowing. Save you time achieving what you seek.

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