Samantha Bell

Hi, i am sam bell. i work at runway digital where I advise on emerging business opportunities, accelerate business and digital projects, and coach people to have impressive online profiles.

i write an email about business opportunities and new technology twice a month. It also spotlights exceptional brands and people with impressive online presence. If you want you can read my old writing from 2006-now or see my tweets, tips (the blockchain one is a favourite) and fascinating links.

before all this i most recently co-founded and led the Do Lectures experience in Australia. before that i refined business ideas, wrote business plans and ran business projects at Deloitte, KPMG and a bunch of other large organisations and on the side enjoyed coaching entrepreneurs and not for profit CEO’s.

i’ve launched a few side projects – a bunch of other experiments to play with peak experiences and leadership with fun, humble, high performers.

i love all things that have to do with skiing, surfing and adventure.

i was doing this recently.

i’m open to great opportunities.

This page was inspired by Sam LessinJason Smale and Zenhabits.