Hi, I’m Samantha (“Sam”) Bell.

Let’s quickly bring your idea to life, take advantage of new business trends or turnaround your life or business.

I’ve worked with over 1,000 professionals and 200+ international and local businesses and can sense what will work.

In sessions, we quickly target what’s not working, what’s urgent, what’s possible and then map out a workable plan and relevant people to contact.

You’ll become unblocked, focused, highly motivated, and intentional.

Spotting trends:

Thoughtful Experience Design & Purposeful Business

Social Media & Digital Business

Digital Leadership & Agile Mindsets

Blockchain & Tokens

Increasingly Trust-Based Economy

I couldn’t think of anyone with a greater motivational presence than Sam Bell. Her passion for people, ideas and action is an inspiration – she dreams the possibilities, maps out the steps to make them happen, and lives the reality.

Genevieve Callaghan

Communications Expert

Sam is the ultimate wingman for founders.

Ryan Trainor

CEO & Co-founder, Udify

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I’m generally based in Australia (Melbourne) and regularly travel internationally and interstate.

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~ Sam