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Sam’s Superpowers…

1. Seeing people’s visions, their unique abilities, their opportunities, creating a realistic path to bring their vision to life and encouraging them to¬†create.

2. Creating engaging stories. Refining the way people present themselves through business documents and their online profile, showing what makes them exceptional.

3. Planning quick action and making things happen: from naturally seeing dependencies, improving the commerciality of your product, service or business, ‘hustling’, problem solving,¬†enhancing communications and funding documents, and creating ‘go to market’ strategy.

4. Introducing and connecting relevant people for great results.

5. Teaching and empowering people Рusually on the topics of digital and leadership. Making the complex simple and the simple compelling. 

I couldn’t think of anyone with a greater motivational presence than Sam Bell. Her passion for people, ideas and action is an inspiration – she dreams the possibilities, maps out the steps to make them happen, and lives the reality.

Genevieve Callaghan

Communications Expert

Sam is the ultimate wingman for founders.




Ryan Trainor

CEO & Co-founder, Udify


Sam’s background is in international consulting, advising executives, founding businesses and projects, big-vision startups, creating learning¬†experiences, business planning, project and change management, digital and technology.

Experienced in business activities: efficient processes, business planning, designing products & services, marketing, tech, sales, partnerships, operations, supply chain, operational management and more. 

She has a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering and Computing.

Speaking, Writing, Courses & Books

Regular tech, digital and trends researcher who has seen many products and companies succeed and fail. Connected to a large, global network of people who make things happen and share insights. 

2019: Updated and re-released ‘The Standout Professional LinkedIn Workbook’ as the ‘LinkedIn Style’ book, Digital Leadership Tool as the ‘Digital Style System’ and the corresponding ‘Digital Style System Book’. Also released new Digital Style Program and free Mini-Course.

2016 to 2018: fortnightly news and research from business trends, new tech (including blockchain, VR, AI & gene-tech) & life trends.

2016: Designed and published the Digital Leadership Tool.

2016: authored the Standout Professional’s LinkedIn Workbook & the 7-Part Course to Gain Online Presence, showcasing examples and insights for professionals to uniquely represent themselves online.

2007 to 2016: facilitated social media and digital public courses in Australia and internationally as well as speaking at public and private events.

Fast & Timely Business

2006 to now: Sam founded Runway Digital¬†an international, digital consultancy providing leading-edge insight to leaders. Services cover the development of ‘digital style’ from presence on online sites through to being aware and empowered around the latest tech.

1994 Р2006: International strategy consultant and project manager at Deloitte Consulting, KPMG Consulting, Telstra, finance and retail corporations, and boutique consultancies. Shaped new ideas to commercially sound concepts, business plans and prepared organisation and culture development plans.

2013: Co-founded the Do Lectures Australia. In 2014 & 2015, produced internationally renown experience, creating a 5+ star pop-up village and highly acclaimed experience for 120 people. Created international PR and partnerships with Virgin, Jetstar, Westfield, Telstra, National Australia Bank, PwC, Medibank, and others. Be inspired by the Do Lectures talks:

Maggie Doyne¬†“How The Human Family Can Do Better?”
Mickey Smith¬†“Do Trust In The Things You Love”
Elle Luna¬†“The Importance of Doing What You Love”
Steve Edge¬†“Why You Should Have A Party Everyday”
Mark Shayler¬†“Why We Need To Design Better Things, Not Design Better”

Exploring, Setting Visions & Creating the Impossible

1996 – now: international travel to tech & digital conferences, leadership programs, to snow-ski and enjoy other experiences. From Bhutan’s “Gross National Happiness” to SXSW to Bali to Solomon Islands to the Trans Siberian Railway (Beijing to St Petersburg) to 6-star resorts; exploring, learning and sharing online.

2007 – 2017: business planning & marketing for¬†Payne‚Äôs Hut¬†to attract people to paradise in country Victoria, Australia. Profiled in The Guardian’s list of top 25 places to stay in Asia Pacific.¬†

2014: “As seen from space” ~¬†People¬†can view¬†their location from space, thanks to the combination of¬†Commander Hadfield‚Äės photos from the International¬†Space Station & Foursquare.

2013: Founded Digital Treasure Hunts for teams to learn new digital platforms (blogging, twitter, foursquare, youtube,..). 100+ people chasing through Melbourne city solving clues. 

2012: Co-created Play.Make.Do. an experience for leaders to connect with art, design & nature.

2007: Created Blink Tank which hosted 25 entrepreneurs and senior leaders in the High Plains (North East Victoria, Australia). Facilitated a mischievous program of surprise and delight. Great business and personal outcomes for individuals and the start of long-term friendships and business relationships.

2004: Kick-started Global Leadership Foundation’s Tables of Ten for progressive leaders – sign up here.

Trend spotting


Thoughtful & Purposeful Business


Social Media
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Agility, Digital Leadership & Ethics


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Sam is based in Melbourne, Australia and regularly travels internationally and interstate. 

Get in contact for programs, partnerships, ideas, or to say hello via this form or contactsam at samanthabell dot com dot au