About Samantha Bell

Sam is the co-founder of Do Lectures Australia and Founder of Runway Digital. She provides clients the opportunity to think ahead and to think clearly about their business, digital and social media strategy and plans. She shows clients what’s relevant in their industry, for their company, their customers and for them as individuals, providing invaluable gains for years to come.

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In executive coaching, public speaking and training, Sam explains how to be strategic about social media / business planning / customer activation / events / projects or programs. How to think up a plan for growth, and how to execute on that plan, cleverly and quickly.

Sam’s experience covers senior leadership positions at Australian and international corporate organisations as well as an understanding of what works in medium sized and smaller organisations. She has provided pro-bono support for over two decades to small businesses, individuals and not-for-profit and social enterprises.

And all of this is powered in part by great travels, delicious food, snow skiing and fascinating people.

Say “Hi” to Sam on Twitter  and if you’d like to work with Sam use this contact page or the form on the right.

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Relaxing on a walk near Payne’s Hut with Pip Devine & Ross Hill (image credit).

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